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Live Betting: Sportsbooks with live sports betting
 Live betting, sometimes referred to as "in-play betting", is one of the most popular forms of wagering online today. Bettors from all over the world, not just the USA, quickly realized the vast potential for profit and better odd offered by live betting and have flocked en-masse to this option offered by nearly all sportsbooks at this time. Of course, not all live betting platforms are up to sniff, many US players complaining of some of the horrendous live betting platforms being offered out there. That's the reason we decided to write up a short list of the best live betting sportsbooks for US players in existence today.


Top sportsbooks for live betting


Bookmaker live betting  Bookmaker is our favorite live betting sportsbook because of the extra effort put into creating a great platform for in-play betting. Not only are all current sporting events available for betting in-play, but the software actually incorporates live view of the current games. If you like to bet the NFL, for example, you can watch live play-by-play, the only thing missing being a live stream, something we are unlikely to see offered by the sportsbooks anytime soon. The interface is very easy to work with, bets a placed instantly, allowing you to cash in on any advantage in the odds. If you like to bet live on sport, Bookmaker is a top choice.

Bovada live sports betting  Bovada has always been set on keeping up with the times and similar to their mobile sportsbook, the live betting option is top notch. It offers not only odds on all games, but there is a small box for the play-by-play information so customers can keep up with the game in progress without the need of TV or live stream. We like the overall look of the live betting platform at Bovada and find it very easy to make selections and place wagers. Whether you bet in-play on NFL or tennis, Bovada is a great out.

5Dimes in-play betting  While the 5Dimes new live betting platform had its fair share of issues, all of those problems are now ironed out and bettors report a great experience. The software is a bit rudimentary, compared with the other top live betting sportsbooks, but it gets the job done, and with the amazing selection of odds, 5Dimes remains one of the best USA sportsbooks to offer good live betting experience. It is the basic of them all, but for many bettors, basic is just fine, as it equals speed. So if you can forgo the flashy graphics offered by the other USA sportsbooks, 5Dimes is certainly top of the list.


The benefits to live betting are aplenty. Some people will place in-play bets just so they can bet on something, while others will use the option as an opportunity to either increase their profit or recover losses from wagers placed before the start of the game. Another big benefit to live betting is that the odds are determined in real time, which leaves the door open for the bettors to find real value, numbers that would otherwise not be available, if wagering before the start of the game. But because of the fast and dynamic nature of live betting, sportsbooks will often make "mistakes", i.e. posting odds that are much better for the bettor, odds that would not be published if the sportsbook had time. Keep your eyes open for those values and jump on them as quick as you can, should you find the,.

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