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Sportsbooks accepting credit cards: Find online sportsbook taking credit cards

 Just like any purchase on the internet, credit cards are the fastest, easiest and most convenient way to fund your betting account at the sportsbooks. Unfortunately, due to banking regulations, these days it's rather hard to find a good sportsbook that accepts credit cards. Because of the hoops credit card processors have to jump through to work with US-facing sports betting sites, the fees they charge the sportsbooks are very high, as well as the chargeback risks, so not many sportsbooks take credit cards today. However, you can see in the list below which of the top betting sites accept credit cards, which of the major brands and what fees, if known, they may charge. Note, that due to the ever changing nature, we have listed the sportsbooks that accept credit card deposits, as posted on their websites.

Here is the list of online sportsbooks that take credit cards:

Bookmaker -this popular sportsbook takes both Visa and MasterCard on a regular basis, although sometimes neither will be available. When they are, however, the acceptance rate is very high. Majority of those transactions must be done over the phone, rather than in their online cashier section. A voucher that could be purchased with a credit card is also an option.

GTBets – the sportsbook advertises both Visa and MasterCard cards accepted, although if you want to use a MasterCard, you will have to contact customer service for information. Visa is readily accepted and requires a minimum of $35 deposit. Whats the maximum will depend on your customer status, i.e. more established players will find higher deposit limits with credit cards.

Bovada – Taking VISA credit and debit cards only. The success rate is very high, nearly all VISA deposit attempts will go through. As an alternative, there are other options, you much check with customers service. A credit card authorization form Is necessary (see further below for more info).

5Dimes – Another betting site that takes VISA only, but with high success rate. Players must fill and submit the authorization form prior to cashing out any winnings made with the credit card deposit.

There are a few things we need to mention when we talk about sportsbooks accepting credit cards. You can learn more by reading further.

Authorization Forms

If a sportsbook takes credit card deposits, generally, there will be an authorization form that you must fill. It's nothing really complicated, but a form that authorizes the betting website to charge your card for your deposit amount. A lot of the sportsbooks will also request that you send in (preferably via email or fax) a copy of the back and front of the credit card you used to deposit in your player's account. This and the credit card authorization form are often required if you deposit with a credit card and request a withdrawal. It's wise to keep an old credit card past its expiration date, if you've used it to deposit money at the sportsbook and haven't sent the authorization form yet. While many online sportsbooks will work with you on this issue, it's better to be prepared. The betting websites deal with a lot of fraudsters, thus usually you will be guilty until proven innocent.

Credit Card Fees

The majority of the sportsbooks accepting credit cards will likely pass some of the processing fees to you. Be prepared to pay a small fee if you opt in to deposit with plastic and if you find a sportsbook that doesn't charge you credit card fees – you've struck gold. Other sportsbooks may refund your fee back into your betting account. This is a nice way to avoid paying credit card fees when depositing at such sportsbooks.

Types of cards accepted

It's hard to find a sportsbook that would accept both Visa and MasterCard at the same time. Most of the online sportsbooks will take one type of credit card or another. Make sure you are aware of the credit card brand accepted at your chosen sportsbook before committing.

Alternatives to credit cards at the betting sites

While there are sportsbooks accepting credit cards, the betting sites prefer to use other methods for depositing, such as P2P transactions, ewallets or prepaid types of vouchers. The books would intermittently have problems with credit card processing and this option may drop altogether for a few days. It is always better to explore other alternative options to credit card deposits at the online sportsbooks, even if you don't really need them at the moment.

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