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High Limit Sportsbooks: Online sportsbooks with high betting limits

 While the majority of the US bettors will wager on average about $100 per bet, there are those high rollers that bet really big – in the thousands of dollars per game. For those VIP players, not all USA sportsbooks will fit the bill. A lot of the small online sportsbooks simply don't have the liquidity to bankroll such big bets like $5,000-$10,000 per game. A few had tried in the past risking and giving players high limit bets, in the hopes that the customer will lose the money and the sportsbook will swim in money, but as it turns out – people who are high roller bettors are very sharp, and those sportsbooks ended up closing shop, because they ran out of money really quick. And as a high limit bettor, you don't want to bet at online sportsbooks that can't comfortably pay you your winnings. That's why choosing one of the high limit sportsbooks on this list is mandatory:


 Bookmaker – the USA sportsbook with the largest betting limits, bar none. You can place $5K bets here all day without an issue and it doesn't matter if you win – you will not get limited and you will get paid your winnings! You can request even higher betting limits, if you care to do so. All you have to do is contact customer service to request the increase and in most cases, those requests are approved. Only people who are suspected of arbitrage betting will be denied a request for increased betting limits. Along with Bovada, which also runs the most successful online casino in the USA, Bookmaker is the most financially stable online sportsbook and thus can offer very high betting limits.


 5Dimes – another very popular and financially stable sportsbook that offers high betting limits. The current limit on most bets is at $5,000, which is quite large of a number, but as with most sportsbooks, if you have a good history and rapport – you can request even higher betting limits. It's also great that winning bettors don't get easily limited and you can keep on betting big, if you win the majority of your large bets.


 Bovada Sports – this sportsbook does not offer as high limits as the other two, but it's still a good option for high rollers, who want to spread their action among multiple sportsbooks. Here you can comfortably bet on football, basketball and baseball in the range of $2,000 per bet without having to talk to customer service. Not as high-roller as the rest, but still a good and stable sportsbook option for high limit bettors.

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