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Mobile Sportsbooks: Mobile sports betting for USA players
 Mobile sports betting is certainly experiencing an increase not anticipated by many sportsbooks, but those on the forefront of technological advances were quick to realize that people are indeed looking for the freedom of being bale to place wagers on the go, without being tied to a computer. Below we have compiled a list of the best mobile sportsbooks for US players, mobile betting sites that offer the full array of wagering services right on your mobile phone, whether it is running the Android or if it's one of the millions of iPhones. And why wouldn't one take advantage of the mobile betting platform? Now you can bet on your favorite sport while you are watching at the stadium, no longer would you be unable to take advantage of odds while commuting, shopping, etc. Mobile betting certainly gives you an unprecedented freedom and in many cases - and advantage, when it comes to placing a quick bet at your preferred sportsbook.


 However, while mobile betting is very popular abroad, not many USA sportsbook offer a good mobile betting option for their customers. Some sportsbooks go the lazy way and simply link their website, while others take the time and develop great mobile websites and apps, to help the bettors facilitate their wagers in a fast and efficient way.


Best Mobile Sportsbooks


Bovada mobile sportsbook  The leader among the mobile sportsbooks is certainly Bovada, who have spent a lot of time and money to develop a beautiful mobile sports betting offering for their US customers. Not only can you bet with extreme ease on everything that is offered at the regular website, but Bovada also offers and amazing mobile casino and poker room, all perks for the player, who may get bored on-the-go. Lightning fast response times for placing mobile bets, very easy and well-organized appearance are all trademarks of this great mobile sportsbook.

Bookmaker mobile site  Bookmaker was one of the first USA sportsbooks to realize the significance and demand for mobile sportsbooks and came out with their mobile website, which makes it very easy to place your bets directly on your phone. Enjoy the full complement of sporting events and betting odds as the standard website, place wagers instantly, fund your account or request a withdrawal directly from your smart phone, whether running Andorid or iOS.

5Dimes mobile sportsbook  Rounding out the top 3 mobile sportsbooks for US players is 5Dimes, one of the most popular USA online sportsbook today. Well known for offering the largest selection of betting odds, as well as the odds with the lowest juice, 5Dimes has a great mobile version of their website, which makes it easier (and often faster) to place bets on the upcoming games or those currently in progress. Bet live using the mobile sportsbook and ensure a much faster bet placement.


As noted earlier, there are many reasons why one should prefer betting at the mobile sportsbook, rather than the regular website of the bookmaker they've chosen to patronize. Of course, placing bets from your smartphone is one of those reasons, but truth be told, most people prefer the mobile sports betting simply for the speed and ease of the wagers. The sportsbooks have made their mobile sites to be fast and responsive, so placing a bet on your phone or tablet is a very speedy process overall. Then, of course, there are those who are on the move and don't have an access to a PC or a laptop, yet with a phone or tablet, and an internet connection, you can still bet live at the top USA sportsbooks listed above. And the best part is that you can do it on phone and tablets using Android platform or on your iPhone and iPad, it doesn't matter. The mobile sportsbooks work on all versions of current technology. 

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