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Online Sportsbooks for NFL: Best USA sportsbooks for football
 If you do some searching you are likely to find a lot of online sportsbooks claiming to be accepting US players, but if you are after the truly best list of USA sportsbooks – you will find them on our home page. Today, however, we will take things one step further and select a couple of sportsbooks that are the best for NFL betting. With football season just around the corner, it is extremely important that you bet the NFL only at USA sportsbooks with proven track record for more than a decade and those should also offer the bets football odds available with the largest betting limits you can find. After all, you don't want to start betting the NFL season and half way through, when it's time to cash in some of those winnings, you find out that you ended up at a bad sportsbook and not only you don't get paid, but you can't even get your money back. To read some similar horror stories, just do a search for “sportsbook doesn't pay” and you will quickly learn why sticking up with the very best NFL sportsbooks in the USA is mandatory.


 Now that we got you relatively terrified by the sportsbooks, let's flip the switch and say that there are still plenty of good sportsbooks, quite a few on our recommended list. So let's look at those and condense them down to just two, the two best USA sportsbooks for football betting.


#1 Bookmaker (Bookmaker Review) – no doubt that this is the best sportsbook for NFL betting and has been for nearly 20 years. While some non-USA sportsbooks do offer better odds on occasion (such as Pinnacle), when it comes to online sportsbooks that take USA players, there is no better out that Bookmaker. It has the best NFL odds among them, it has the highest betting limits, many bettors wagering 5-digit amounts and winning, without being limited, customer service is top-notch and one of the most important things for US players – it always pays and it pays on time! This is a sportsbook with very large bankroll and will not fold shop at the end of the NFL season, after getting beat up by the Super Bowl winners. As solid as a rock, all experienced US bettors have an account with Bookmaker and they do for a reason – it is simply unbeatable value for the football bettor all around.


#2 Bovada (Bovada Review) – not many people will find that Bovada (formerly Bodog) is rated so highly as a recommended NFL sportsbook. There are a few players that feel Bovada is not the best, but those are usually disgruntled bettors or arbers who got caught. One thing that Bovada needs improving is the payout speed, it's true that sometimes checks could take a couple of weeks to receive, but you have to understand that Bovada is a massive gambling site, not only popular with the football bettors, but with millions of casino players, as well. This would put strain on any processing, even more so for one that works with millions of USA gamblers. The truth is that Bovada does offer great odds on the NFL games, it has a ton of football betting props and it pays its customers, even if it takes a bit slower than Bookmaker. After all, the sportsbook has been in business for over 18 years and has remained highly regarded throughout. Bovada has been paying winning bettors for all those years and we don't see it stopping anytime soon. A great out if you need one.


 In our opinion, these two are the best USA sportsbooks for NFL season betting. They will offer you good odds, high limits, so you don't have to bet $100 a game, will pay your winnings and you can maintain a big bankroll throughout the entire NFL season without worrying that the sportsbook may go under because of a few big bet wins. They also offer great bonuses for first-time customers, something else that goes in the “pro” side of the ledger. If you need more alternatives, check out the approved USA online sportsbooks on our home page for more recommendations.

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