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Good Bitcoin Sportsbooks: USA online sportsbooks taking bitcoins
 For quite a while now depositing and withdrawing form the US sportsbooks have been a pain, but it seems that Bitcoin, the most popular virtual currency, will soon become the most popular funding method at the online sportsbooks, as well, precisely because of the ease to use it over the fiat currencies. Let’s be honest, however, even through Bitcoin has existed for a long time (well, long in “internet time” terms), it took quite a while for the online sportsbooks and betting sites to warm up to the idea of using bitcoins instead of dollars. But apparently the big honchos at the USA sportsbooks realized that Bitcoin is not going away anytime soon, plus it offers a great alternative to the usual funding methods, alleviating pressure for the betting sites when it comes not only to deposits, but payouts, too.




One of the first to come to the Bitcoin party, Bookmaker continues to prove they are the best USA sportsbook on the internet. The betting site both take deposits and pays out in bitcoins, the processing is near instant, although your first Bitcoin withdrawal could potentially be send for a review by their banking department, which could take up to one day to clear. However, unlike most sportsbooks, Bookmaker will remove your payout from your betting account balance immediately after you request a withdrawal, so you won’t feel tempted to gamble it away if you have to wait a few hours for approval.
What are the Bitcoin transaction limits at Bookmaker? Rather generous indeed: a single BTC deposit is capped at $25,000 and so is the payout amount. Keep in mind, however, that if you’ve deposited using any other method but Bitcoin or P2P, you will be limited to $3,000 BTC withdrawal per week.



 Bovada Sports

Bovada was late to jump on the Bitcoin wagon, but have seen the light and are now offering Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals, but for now the BTC payouts are available only to those bettors who have also deposited using Bitcoin. We have been assured that they are working on enabling the bitcoin payouts to all customers, although we expect that just like any other USA sportsbook, they will have limits lower than those who have used bitcoins to fund their betting account. What are Bovada’s Bitcoin limits? For deposits customers are limited to $5,000 per transaction, while bitcoin payouts are capped at $9,500. Note that if you deposit using Bitcoin, you will also have to withdraw in bitcoins. Some people report that they received their Bitcoin payout in a matter of minutes, while others had to wait a couple of days before their BTC payout was completed. We attribute this to that same tardiness to join the Bitcoin party we mentioned earlier, but worst case scenario, if you can’t wait a coupe of days to get your payout from a sportsbook that has been solid payer for over 15 years – you shouldn’t be gambling to begin with.




We are rounding our top 3 best Bitcoin sportsbooks, not surprisingly, with 5Dimes. This US-friendly sportsbook was one of the trailblazers of crypto currency use at the betting websites and is also loved by many bettors worldwide. Not much more to add about this highly rated sportsbook, so let’s get to the nitty-gritty and see what are 5Dimes Bitcoin limits. The max payout using bitcoins at this sportsbook is currently at $25,000 and the maximum deposit using Bitcoin hits the ceiling at $10,000. Transactions are near instant, although some bettors claim that large amounts could take a while to be processed (a day or so).



 Today the betting forums and websites are packed with guides on how to use bitcoins, wallets, exchanges and the whole shebang, so we won’t spend time here discussing how to buy and sell bitcoins, rather we would focus on the US sportsbooks taking bitcoins deposits and paying out in bitcoins. Plus, if you are looking for bitcoin sportsbooks, chances are you already have some and are looking for online sportsbooks accepting Bitcoin funding. In addition, keep in mind that while there are tons of online sportsbooks accepting bitocins, even some betting sites that work with bitcoins only, we don’t recommend you patronizing any others but the best sportsbooks listed here. You’ve been warned!

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